My Daughters, My Journey

As I SIP here in wine country and ready the Easter baskets for Sam and Sophie, my fifteen year old twins, I can't help but notice that these baskets aren't that much different from the ones they received when they were two years old.  Hair accessories, art supplies and the prized chocolate bunny are still in demand although the style, sophistication and size of the bunny have evolved over the years.  I am also reminded how, without them, I wouldn't be doing the work that I do now and love so much.

I can still remember the day that I realized I wanted to do things differently for my young  children.  My two year old twins had just finished lunch- a menu that was chosen with much thought.  Is it nutritious and healthy? Does it have variety? Will they like it?  As I cleaned the table with a popular brand of commercial cleaner I thought: how can I spend so much time thinking about their food and give so little consideration to their environment?  What were these chemicals I was spraying around the house and were they toxic?  This, along with living in the serene vineyard setting, led me to take a closer look at our surroundings and ask myself:

-Are we eating as locally and organically as possible?

-Can we use more natural products to clean our home?

-When they are sick, can we use something from nature instead of relying on pharmaceuticals to treat our minor aches and pains?

The rest as they say, is history because this moment led me to research plant based medicine which led me to essential oils.  My love was instantaneous once I realized how much essential oils and wine had in common. Whether it's the concept of terrior, the importance of farming and manufacturing practices, or how blending is a game changer, it all resonated with me in a really powerful way. 

So here we are, thirteen years later.  I'm still trying to get my kids to eat healthy (!) but I know that they have been influenced in a positive way by my passion- turned- business and that makes me happy.  It has been so fun to listen to them evaluate new lavender oils that come across my desk and hear them speak about the oils the way I spoke about wine in my early days.  "It's too simple, too earthy, too strong" are some of their comments I hear. They can't decide which one is their favorite- the Sonoma blend, the Napa blend or the Santa Barbara blend and the household demand for our wine country sugar scrub might be more than we can produce.

So on this beautiful spring weekend, the Simpkins family wishes you safety and comfort during these trying times. Remember to stay close to nature- with a walk, with your food and with the products you use- your body will thank you- and stay close to your loved ones- your heart will thank you. 

And don't forget to wash those hands.


April 2012

 April 2012








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