EAT, DRINK, and PLAY with Me & Ziggy

I am so excited to be hanging out with a friend I adore this Thursday and hope you will join us!  

I met Ziggy Eschliman at an industry event our winery was hosting many years ago and we became fast friends- it was definitely kismet! 

Known on the airwaves as Ziggy the Wine Gal, Ziggy is among America's most enthusiastic, authoritative and entertaining libation experts. Her internationally known company, ZigStyle, combines her artistry for wine country entertaining and gardening while integrating her expertise of wine & spirits, showcasing a unique lifestyle. For over 25 years Ziggy has set and reported trends in all things wine and spirits. Her radio shows are broadcast throughout wine country and are available online.

Since that first meeting she has hosted me on her radio program three times and now it's my turn to host her!  

Join us Thursday at 4:30PST on IGTV where we will be broadcasting from Dragonfly Floral in Healdsburg and talking about:

~Cocktail Gardens- when Zig first mentioned this I envisioned martinis and mojitos hanging from vines and cosmos and pisco sours sprouting from the garden beds.  While the cocktail garden isn't quite this Willy Wonka kind of dream, it IS a pretty incredible idea!

~Back to Basics- living as close to nature as we both do here in wine country, we share an appreciation for knowing exactly what we put in and on our bodies.  More on why that is important and how we do it!

~EAT.DRINK.PLAY.  We will both have some insider secrets on enjoying the best of wine country with cocktails, food and fun, even during a pandemic.

Click here for the link to our visit:

Me & Ziggy

And here are the recipes to the amaZing cocktails she made:

Garden Collins


2 oz Spirit Works GIN

1 oz Fresh Meyer Lemon Juice

1/2 oz Lavender Simple Syrup

Soda Water


Edible Flower Garnish

  -  *  -


In tall, Collins style glass, add the Gin, Meyer Lemon Juice and Lavender Simple Syrup, stir. Add a handful of ice, stir. Add soda water to top, stir and garnish with an edible flower! (Make sure when you are using edible flowers, that they come from an organic garden., thus containing no sprays or chemicals) 


*** Lavender Simple Syrup

In a pan add equal parts sugar and water, I use one cup of each; heat until the sugar is dissolved - almost a boil, then turn off. Add 4-5 sprigs of wild lavender tops. <If you can not find those, you can use a scoop of culinary grade lavender and put in a couple of tea bags.> Gently stir the lavender tops in the very warm  syrup mixture, leave there until room temperature of cold. Strain the lavender syrup into a jar, label and keep in fridge. It should last about 4-6 weeks. 


Summer Spice Gimlet


4-5 Cinnamon Basil Leaves (you can also use Thai Basil)

1 1/2 oz Spirit Works Gin

3/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1/2 oz Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup


Edible Flower Garnish

  -  * - 


In a cocktail shaker, tear the Basil leaves, gently muddle. Add Gin, Lime Juice and Simple Syrup, stir, add a measure of ice, put top on cocktail shaker, shake vigorously 6-8 seconds to make sure it’s super cold, strain into a coupe style glass, garnish with an edible flower, you can even use the basil flowers if your basil is going to seed. (Make sure when you are using edible flowers, that they come from an organic garden., thus containing no sprays or chemicals) 


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