Fall Update from Wine Country


Watch a 747 'SuperTanker' drop retardant on wildfires in Geyserville -  SFGate

PHOTO: Kent Porter/Press Democrat

First I would like to thank everyone who has reached out over the last week to see how we are fairing as we deal with yet another firestorm in Wine Country.  We were on evacuation alert for a while but that has passed for us. Unfortunately not all of our friends and neighbors have been so lucky and some are STILL evacuated. 

I guess the "good news" (if there is any in this situation) is we are getting better at being ready to evacuate and our emergency services have their battle plans prepared before the spark even strikes.  This fire was especially tricky in the first few days because there were SO many fires happening on the west coast we didn't have the resources to battle this blaze efficiently.  I happy to say that,  while the fire isn't out and people are still not back in their homes, the Walbridge fire is effectively under control 

More than anything, the silver lining for me is seeing how our community comes together during a crisis by finding homes for those who are displaced, making mind boggling amounts of food for the emergency crews and just generally being more kind to one another.  Given the year that we all have had, Lord knows we don't need anymore crisis and chaos but if we have to face another I'm happy to be doing it with the amazing people here in Sonoma County.



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