Essential Oils: The Basics, Part 2- How do essential oils work?

In the last blog post I wrote about what ARE essential oils:

Simply put, essential oils are a highly concentrated, fragrant liquid that has gone through a distillation process and carries concentrated amounts of beneficial chemical properties derived from a part of a plant.

The oils can be distilled from many parts of a plant: leaves, flower, wood, roots, seeds and fruits, and they are 75-100X more concentrated than a dried herb. 

Each oil contains a different chemical makeup and therefore contains different benefits to which the mind and body respond.  I love to think of essential oils as the life force or core energy of a plant.  I have felt for myself the vibrations authentic essential oils give off- more on that later...

And now the question is HOW do essential oils work?

PHYSICAL level: Essential oils are the most potent form of herbal energy.  They are antiseptic and immune system stimulants.  They are excellent for daily first aid needs including coughs, colds, bites and itches.

EMOTIONAL level: Essential oils stimulate memories (both consciously and unconsciously), basic drives and hormones.  They combat depression, grief and stress related disorders.

CELLULAR level: Essential oils are good for wound healing, scar repairing, tissue stimulating, and barrier regulating.  They help maintain optimum moisture level in skin and protect against infection.  (Lavender is an excellent example of an oil that works on this level).

SPIRITUAL level: Essential oils have been used by every major culture and society for over 10,000 years.  They have been used for ritual, prayer, meditation and celebration.  Many people believe essential oils can bring focus and a deeper meaning to our existence.

Next week, I will write about the various methods of essential oil distillation.  While the most common method is as old as time, some new technologies hold promise for better extraction and lower cost!

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I appreciate the level of detailed explanations surrounding the composition and influence of essential oils on different levels of the body, This blog gives one pause to reflect on what steps to take to maximize the positive effects of an essential oil. Thanks for sharing!!

Mary Lou Jones,RN,PhD January 29, 2020

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