Accepting a Challenge: 6 months, 428 miles and lots of essential oils

If you know me or follow the WCB Instagram or Facebook accounts, you know that I LOVE being in nature.  Whether it's doing something athletic or sitting and enjoying a sunset, my Happy Place is definitely outdoors.

So when a friend of mine completed a 31 mile trail run last spring, it didn't take long for me to say "I want to do that!!!!"  I could combine my love of outdoors, my love of fitness and healthy living, with a touch of "push yourself to see if you can do it."  I had been through a crazy past twelve months with lots of change, and I longed to get back in touch with that girl who knew how to push herself to accomplish anything.  I decided my goal was to do a 31 mile race in March 2020 with an 18 mile race in October 2019 to test my progress. 

The 18 mile race is this weekend- a run from Truckee CA to Tahoe City- and after six months of training, 428 hilly miles ran, 48,909 calories burned and LOTS of essential oils used, I can say I feel ready and even excited.  Don't look for me any where near the leaderboard but I'm feeling good about being able to finish.  

Besides time on the trails and good sleep and nutrition, I credit essential oils for helping me in a variety of ways along the journey.  Whether to improve muscle endurance, deal with post workout aches or get an energy boost during a run, I had fun experimenting with different blends to get a little edge.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Physical Endurance: I used this blend prior to a run.  It became part of my "ritual" of getting ready for a big run but I also think it helped warm up my muscles and set my mood.  I will likely carry a little with me during the race to help me "reset" at the halfway point:

2oz carrier oil

Essential Oils:

Grapefruit: 7 drops

Cajeput: 6 drops

Palmarosa: 6 drops

Rosemary: 6 drops

Thyme: 5 drops

Blend together and massage into quads, hamstrings and calves before running.

Muscle Soreness: Even if I wasn't sore I would use this blend after my shower.  It smells so good and forced me to focus on helping my body heal. 

1/2 oz carrier oil

Ylang ylang: 5 drops

Ginger: 5 drops

Nutmeg: 3 drops

Rosemary: 2 drops

Pre Event Stress: I used this a few years ago when I did a duathalon and it was magical. I will use this Sunday morning...first thing when I get up then just before race time.  Since it's designed to reduce anxiety and nervous tension before an event, I will likely try it out before my next big work presentation too.

1 oz carrier oil

Geranium: 6 drops

Melissa: 6 drops

Petitgrain: 6 drops

Cypress: 6 drops

Energy Boost:  I will likely bring a little vial of this to have if I need it during the race.  I often use this blend as a pick-me-up throughout the day.

1 oz carrier oil

Peppermint: 10 drops

Thyme: 8 drops

Grapefruit: 8 drops

Cypress: 4 drops

On Sunday I will post my progress on Instagram ad Facebook so make sure you follow us:



Please let me know if you have any questions or recipies to share!

Wishing you beauty, balance and wellness.


(This is mile 12 of my last long training run)




















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