Feminine energy surrounds and guides us. Take for example, plants and the way they give birth to the beauty we behold and the bounty we receive. Plants have a healing, feminine energy that some say is divine, and I agree. 

My appreciation for plants was born out of curiosity. When I become intrigued, my fascination often grows to the point where I cannot help but to learn more. Research turns into an obsession, as I experienced with essential oils discovering the health benefits that can come from botanicals.

Although I interned at a local herb exchange, my knowledge of plants and their healing properties leapt forward when I met Jeanne Rose on a magical day that I will never forget. I was referred to her by the director of the herb exchange, Leslie Gardner, and when I saw her credentials I was blown away. Jeanne Rose is the founder of the Aromatic Plant Project, and a pioneer of the aromatherapy industry in the early 1970s. Her work provides resources for growers and distillers to ensure high quality aromatherapy products and to educate people on the appropriate and beneficial uses of plant extracts and essential oils.  

My magical day with Jeanne was also a scorching July day in Wine Country when she arrived at our remote winery in Sonoma. I was incredibly curious to learn about the distillation process of extracting essential oils, so she brought her beautiful copper pot still so we could create a distillation together. Oak trees provided shade while we began the process of setting up the still and conducting a distillation. The warm breeze mingled with the aromas of lemon verbena as Jeanne guided my hand through the process. My mind buzzed with the energy of the day and being in the presence of a master. Divine feminine energy coursed through us and the plants we were fortunate to work with that day.

It still courses through me on this day during Women’s History Month. Whether I always realize it or not, it infuses everything I do from motherhood to entrepreneurship. It whispers in my ear when to be patient and to remember that some things take time. On our distillation day we reflected on the time it took to grow that lemon verbena to its full capacity and the time it took to conduct our distillation--about four hours from start to finish. Some things cannot be rushed because Mother Nature won’t allow it. Practicing patience and making mindful decisions with a focus on the long-term provides the space needed for life’s full beauty and potential to unfold. 

Divine feminine energy also provides me with strength. As a mother, I instill values in my girls because I know the strength of a tree depends on the depth of its roots. I’m proud to say my girls’ roots are growing deep and I am often inspired by their resilience. 

Getting in touch with feminine energy means to embrace practice. I was reminded of this the day I met Jeanne when she told me her motto: “Substitute freely for it is only with practice that you will decide exactly what suits you.” The process of trial and error is not one that I’m readily comfortable with since I’m wired to work hard in order to get things “right” the first time, and, if I don’t, then I’m disappointed. But this is where the practice comes in because practice creates patience

And patience allows me to accept the process. When I am attuned with the process, then I am aligned with the moment. This creates the vast, peaceful space that I entered into with Jeanne that sunny day under the oak trees when time did not exist, only divine feminine energy and the plants that teach and heal us. During Women’s History Month I wish to honor this energy, the women in my life like Jeanne and my girls who have taught me so much, plus the females before us who form the deep roots that hold women up today and every day.

jeanne rose

Please check out Jeanne's website here: Jeanne Rose

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